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Spectacular Skydiving in the Algarve

The best parachute of Portugal will show this weekend spectacular aerial stunts for the Portuguese championships skydiving.
17 and 18 March, the free flyers jump from a plane to show spectacular tricks in the air. In this section, the parachutist is free in the execution of his jump. Blazing through the air with the head straight down, standing, on the abdomen, back or sideways … come and watch this event!
The event starts around 10 AM, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March depending on weather. The location is the airport of Portimão (Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão).

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Algarve Housing for better Holidays in Portugal

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Things to do in the Algarve in September

The Algarve is one of the number one holiday destinations in Europe. September is an ideal month to visit the Algarve. The sun still shines (as we speak, 35 degrees), the gorgeous beaches are less crowded then July and August, and the Portuguese are still friendly! What to do in September in the Algarve?

Tapas Tour in Portimao Portugal-Rota do Petisco

Till the 2nd of October, you can enjoy local cuisine and culture from the city Portimao Portugal.

Supported by the counsel of Portimao, 31 restaurants and pastelarias (pastries) participate, to give you the opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy of Portimao. Take a tour through the beautiful city while enjoying the tapas, pastries and drinks.

How to participate?

You need to get a ‘passport’ with route menu, which is a leaflet with all participating restaurants, you find them all over Portimao and Praia da Rocha. The local gastronomy menu will consist a typical delicacy/tapa and a drink, for the price of 2.50 euro. The traditional sweet menu will be a regional sweet and a drink for the price of 2 euro. On the ‘passport’ you find a map indicating where all the participating restaurants are, and what each of them serve, start your tour through Portimao and enjoy the various tapas and drinks! Have fun!

More information?

Medieval Festival Salir Portugal

Travel back in time, come to Salir 9, 10 and 11 of September. For the third year, the counsel of Loule organize this fantastic event in the mountain village of Salir, Portugal. This year there is a special focus on the Arts of the middle ages. This event is guaranteed to liven up the village of Salir with traditional games and plenty of animation.

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