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Markets in the Algarve-the complete list!

Markets in the Algarve

Whichever day of the month, there is most probably some market somewhere in the Algarve that you can stroll through and breathe in the atmosphere with all your senses. In the Algarve Portugal, you find 3 types of markets: local markets, gypsy market Algarve and fleamarkets.

The most common Algarve market is the daily (except Sunday) fresh vegetable, fruit and fish markets, most towns and villages in the Algarve have one, and are generally located in the centre. The best fish you will find early in the mornings! Mind you, no fish on Monday as the fishermen do not fish on Sunday!

Algarve Housing rent properties in the Algarve, whether you live here, or have your holiday in the Algarve, we love to inform you about the markets Algarve in Portugal.

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