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Carnival in the Algarve 25-28 February

Carnival in the Algarve
Carnival Algarve

A visit to the Algarve in February makes for a fantastic holiday, plus you can enjoy Carnival in the Algarve. This time of year is considered ‘out of season’. However there are many advantages visiting the Algarve in February during these quieter periods.

The weather is still warm and pleasant (around 18-20 degrees) which means you can still enjoy the areas stunning coastline, take walks on the beautiful beaches, go on a boat trip and hike around the area to admire the breath-taking landscapes, flora and fauna that are blossoming at this time of year.

For playing golf, it is one of the best times of the year, pick your choice of one of the many renowned golf courses of the Algarve, considered the best of Europe!

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Carnival in the Algarve?

Carnival Algarve

Coming up soon, Carnival in the Algarve! Throughout the Algarve there will be parades, generally this will take place on Sunday the 10th and Tuesday the 12th of February, starting 3pm till approx 5pm. My favourites are Alte and Messines. Why? Because it is very local authentic, and nice ambiance! And looking at the weather forecast….. this will be fantastic! Sun, sun, sunnier, sunniest….

But the biggest and most famous Canrinval of the Algarve is ofcourse Loule!

The celebration of Carnival in Loulé is one of the oldest in the country. This year the Loulé Carnival will take place on February 9th, 10th & 12th of February along the main avenue of José da Costa Mealha.

The theme of this year’s carnival will be the austerity measures imposed by the IMF, the current political situation of Portugal – basically the state of the country!!

The parades will start at 3pm and will include 17 decorated floats, entertainers, samba dancers from various samba schools and stilt walkers.

To complement the parade, Loulé Town Hall has announced it is also organising a number of themed balls and parties, sporting and cultural events throughout the town.

The Loulé carnival attracts thousands of visitors each year both national and international and is a great source of revenue for Loulé at this time of the year.

Tickets to enter the main avenue and watch the parade cost €2 per person each day.

Carnival in the Algarve, do not miss it!

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Carnival Rio de Janeiro or Algarve?

Of course Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most famous and colourful carnival of the world, but if you cannot make it to Rio de Janeiro, carnival in the Algarve can be entertaining too! Especially this year as the weather forecast is looking good, the last many years it has been cold, windy and wet!

The carnival in the Algarve this year will be governed by the EU’s crisis. But in a playful way. Satire always is plentiful during the carnival parades. The largest carnival parade takes place in Loule. And with the 106-year existence, making this one of the oldest Loulé Carnival parades in Portugal. A colorful celebration that a large number of visitors from home and abroad attracts.

Samba dancers and politicians
Except for ‘Angela Merkel’, ‘Nicolas Sarkozy and Portuguese politicians, there are samba dancers and musicians performing in and around the floats. They will be making stirring music by the Av. Jose da Costa Mealha of Loulé. The parades are in the afternoon on 18, 19 and 21 February. Entrance is € 2.00.

Carnival Celebrations in Loule
Apart from watching the carnival parades in the afternoon, you can also join one of the many parties in the evening. On Saturday, February 18 from 22 pm there is the traditional carnival gala at “Palácio do NERA” in Loule. Dress up and join the carnival gala! Monday night, carnival with a DJ. Admission to the carnival gala on Saturday costs € 15,- and Monday you can go in for € 7,-.

More carnival in the Algarve
Many other location in the Algarve, carnival is celebrated, including 19 and 21 February from 14.00 parades in Paderne and Alte. And in the town Odiáxere (near Lagos) there is a carnival parade on the 21st of February.

The traditional fisherman’s village Ferragudo, has Friday and Saturday night carnival party at the Tucabar with live music of various artists of the Algarve.

Saturday 18th of February there is a carnival party at The Santa Eulalia Club, Albufeira with a Brazilian Samba group and various DJ’s, start 23.30 till early mornings!

 There are loads more parades and festivities, we just mentioned a few we think is worth to try!

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