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Winter in the Algarve



algarve winter

What is the winter look like in the Algarve? What temperatures has January?

Questions I receive very often, together with an enquiry for multiple months rent for a winter in the Algarve.

Unique winters

As every villa is unique so are the winters in the Algarve. Like last winter, October and November, during the day it was still 30 degrees! And it was dry for many, many more months. We all were worried, if it stays like this, we will have a huge water shortage problem!!! But it did change, I cannot remember exactly when, but late in the winter, I think it was February, maybe March, it started raining. Lots of rain, between some sunny days, don’t worry!

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Spent a Winter in the Algarve…

In the Winter you have your private Beach!

Temperatures rising, Summer has started here in the Algarve with temperatures over 30 degrees! But you have to think ahead and after the summer there will be another Winter, and Winter in the Algarve can be very nice……Why not spent a winter in the Algarve? Check our website for nice villa’s in the Algarve and our attracting Winter let prices.

The Algarve is truly a year round destination. Spring and summer is long and winter is short but mild.

The Algarve is the region in Portugal with the best climate. Whilst there is snow and negative temperatures in the northern areas of the country, in the Algarve the sun beds wait for you. Winter is also the best time of the year to find ‘out of season’ inexpensive accommodation. Winter starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 19th of March, but our special Winter Rental Prices start on the first of November till the first of April!

Each season has its advantages. The golf courses are open all year round, the Algarve’s beaches may also be enjoyed throughout the year. Many are not only known for their fantastic infinite white sand and blue cool waters, but also for their seaside restaurants, offering a great gastronomic experience. Explore the local arts and crafts during all seasons. The Algarve is famous mainly for pottery, which can prove to be an extremely interesting experience.

Your dog will love it!

Algarve Housing rent Holiday Villa’s all year around. We have started with our Winter Rentals Promotion. Visit our website and contact me for the Special Winter Rental prices!

Not on our website, but a very nice 2 storey luxury apartment looking over the lagoon and river of Alvor. Ideal for a couple, and 2 extra guest is possible. Close to beach and lively centre of Alvor. Close to Portimao and Lagos. Use of large communal pool. Private terrace, with gorgeous views.

Please contact me for more information.

Click below to see a slide show of pictures of this very nice apartment near Alvor.



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