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Why going on holidays makes us happy?

A time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun. Holidays are a chance to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and experience something new.

But why does going on holiday make everybody so happy?

Historically, holidays have been seen as a time to celebrate religious festivals, cultural events, and the changing of the seasons. They were also a time for people to travel and visit friends or family who lived far away. It can be seen as a way for people to bond with each other and create new memories, or a way for people to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.


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Summer Agenda 2023

The Algarve is known for its vibrant summer agenda, which every year offers something for everyone.

From music festivals and art exhibitions to food and wine tastings, sports competitions, and cultural celebrations, the region presents an incredible lineup of events. Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of entertainment as we explore what’s happening across the Algarve during July, August, and September, in 2023.


Festival MED, Loulé

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While in the Algarve: The Ultimate To-Do List

As one of Portugal’s most popular destinations, the Algarve offers its visitors various activities and experiences to enjoy.

From pristine beaches and stunning natural landscapes to surprising history and cultural attractions, there is something for everyone in this southern region of the country. Bring your notebook, because we will explore some of the best activities to do in the Algarve.


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Marrion Dickmann: Hospitality at Heart

Marrion is the friendly face you’ll meet when you arrive at one of our houses.

With great love for hospitality, Marrion always dreamed to become an airline hostess so she could travel the world. In 1999 she came to Portugal, which she calls home, since then. I invited her for a coffee, on a sunny terrace (and day) — and we had a wonderful conversation about the art of making someone feel at home, away from home.

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