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Autumn in the Algarve, St Martin’s day and low season in the Algarve

st martins fair portugal

Autumn in the Algarve

Autumn has arrived in the Algarve, there is no doubt about that! Although the weather in Portugal, is still very pleasant and the sun still keeps us company, the temperatures have slightly dropped, and we even experience the occasional humid or wet day, although more rain would be more than welcome at this point of the year! But let us rejoice the splendid weather and look forward to one of the most traditional Portuguese days of the year: the day of São Martinho (St Martin’s day) on the 11th of November. Most Saints are celebrated during the summer, yet this one is the only one being celebrated during autumn, although the warm and dry November days have given that period the name and fame of “the summer of São Martinho”.

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Winter in the Algarve

winter in the AlgarveWinter (weather) in the Algarve

It might still seem far away, but soon, winter will be knocking on your door again. The Algarve is a great option to break the often long, cold& wet, tedious, winters of northern Europe. Although weather is never totally predictable, chances are big you will be treated to sunny days while staying during winter in the Algarve, because the Algarve boasts a mere 300 days of sunshine in a year.

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Rain in the Algarve?

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