Why is it so important to have the best partners?


Holidays, that magic word that makes your heart sing while you dream about all the amazing things you’ll be doing, eating, visiting. Having a good rest is a big deal, sure, but don’t you just love to disconnect from your daily routines, with brand new activities that will create wonderful memories? If the answer is yes, this article was made for you.

So, Why is it so important to have the best partners — and how did we choose them?

Because spending holidays somewhere is much more than renting a good house. Is the whole experience, and how it makes you feel after you check out. We choose partners based on our personal experiences, and we bring nothing but the best to you. Yes, nothing but the best.

Curious? Get to know them below!


Stance SUV Algarve Housing

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Discovering Algarve Wines

Algarve Wines BOAZ Rentals

Did you know the first vines in the Algarve were planted twenty-three centuries ago, and that the region has excellent soil for growing vines? Until not very long ago, me neither.

The transcendent beauty of the Algarve offers much more than stunning beaches. A vibrant countryside hides breathtaking landscapes that will make you fall in love with the region. It is in the midst of these natural wonders that 2000 vineyards and almost 30 winemakers thrive in an environment with more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

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Celebrities staying in our villas!

We hope you are healthy and coping with the corona situation. We are sure better times will come!

Last few months Algarve Housing had a few Portuguese celebrities in our villas in the Algarve! Time for an update!

Carolina Deslandes

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