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Weather and climate Algarve

What is the Portugal weather October?

The temperate Algarve climate and the warm weather of the Algarve represent undoubtedly some of the strongest points for the attraction of tourists to this region. All year round, the Algarve enjoys the best climate in Europe. With only a short period of rainfall (it normally rains between November and March) and long hours of sunshine (the highest in Europe). Combined with its geographic diversity and beauty of the landscape, as well as the many places of interest, these factors are not the only reasons for the reputation of the Algarve.

Geographical location

Weather AlgarveThe Algarve weather and its enviable climate attract everyone who seeks refuge at the time of the harsher northern climates. Its geographical location means that despite being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, its Mediterranean climate ensures plenty of sunshine and mild winter temperatures, making it an ideal holiday destination throughout the year. July and August are the hottest months of the year, but the Algarve weather has the cool sea breezes and help to mitigate the effects of sun and high temperatures.

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The Algarve weather at the west coast is cooler and windier than the south coast and the effects of the Portuguese trade winds that blow in summer are more evident here. The annual rainfall is low and concentrated mainly in the winter, which makes the Algarve climate ideal. Below an impressioin of the average weather in the Algarve:

weather algarve


Sailing AlgarveThe topographic diversity in southern Portugal is significant; the ridge of the inland high mountains influences the Algarve weather, creating the perfect Algarve climate for a variety of activities to the many visitors, whether they are lovers of beaches, golf, water sports , outdoor adventures or bird watching. The long stretches of beautiful beaches are the most popular appeal of the Algarve, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The beaches of the southern 150 km of coastline provide long stretches of golden sand lapped by warm waters (water temperatures of around 22°C in the summer period) and occasionally punctuated by charming carved caves in the cliffs.

Maximum and minimum temperatures

Weather AlgarveDue to its relief and geographical position, the Algarve climate is influenced climatically by the European continent, North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. The Algarve weather has maximum temperatures throughout the year vary between 15°C and 31°C and the temperature never falls below zero in the winter. The Algarve climate and weather, is why tourists from Northern European countries increasingly seek out the Algarve, where they can enjoy long hours of sunshine.


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