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Food in the Algarve

If it is true that the natural beauty of the Algarve's coast, the sun, and the almonds trees in bloom have highly contributed to develop the Algarve, it was also true that the food in the Algarve has also helped.
Simultaneously rich in flavours and simple cooking, the cuisine of the Algarve, like everything else, has its roots in distant times and traditions and absorbed diverse influences. Its origins being a humble fishing area facing the Atlantic, fish and seafood play a lead role in the food of the Algarve.

Fish and Shellfish

Food in the Algarve

Food in the Algarve offers several recipes in which the seafood is deliciously prepared with the help of herbs, spices and other flavours. The Algarve is indeed a paradisiacal land for those who like fish and shellfish. In these cases, the best recipes come from the fishermen who, for centuries perfected the best way to preserve the natural flavours - slowly grilling them over charcoal. But not only; there are several recipes in which the seafood is deliciously prepared with the help of herbs, spices and other flavours.
Food in the Algarve like fish soups, octopus rice, dog-whelks with beans, fish stew, bread soup with shellfish and the most famous of the Algarve's dishes, the "Amêijoas na Cataplana" (clams bouillabaisse) are absolutely divine!


Chicken piri piriYet, the influences of food in the Algarve are not just from the sea. The entire inner region provided food in the Algarve with wonderful recipes based on vegetables, wild plants and meat from the mountains’ pastures. The inland adds a touch of rural flavours to the food of the Algarve with its broad beans, chicken Piri-Piri (spicy, charcoal-grilled), leg of lamb pot roast, "Cozido de Grão ou Repolho" (chickpea and cabbage stew with meats), pickled carrots  served with fish and meat, or rabbit stew with herbs.


Deserts of the AlgarveHowever, the crown of the food in the Algarve is its desserts whose main ingredients are almonds and figs. And there they are, tempting and skilfully shaped by agile hands, the almond "Queijinhos" and “Morgadinhos", the “D. Rodrigos", the "Morgado de Lagos", the "Nógados", the "Folhados de Olhão"... all mouth-watering food of the Algarve, specialities served a Lagoa, Lagos or Tavira wine or with one of the Algarve's traditional liquors made of fruits and honey or with a glass of Medronho (arbutus brandy).

It is a rich legacy, increasingly possible to be appreciated in a whole variety of restaurants from the more gourmet oriented to the simpler, typical diners or family tascas throughout the region. Bom apetite!


Vegetarian in the Algarve?

"I have just been to Appolonia in Almancil, I have just arrived in the Algarve for the summer with my daughter who is vegan and I am vegetarian, I could not believe how many products that were available for vegans in the store. Lots of variety of Soya Milks, butter, tofu lunch slices and seitan, yoghurt and deserts, I am so pleased. Much more variety than in the UK and walked into Aldi and lots of Soya milk and chia seeds, could not believe it, in Aldi. So pleased, I feel we are moving forward, well in Portugal, not sure about the UK. Love Portugal. x"


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Cataplana Algarve A traditional Portugues dish, the Cataplana, which is a stew of fish, shellfish, and they add sometimes chicken or porc to it. All cooked in the traditional pan, the cataplana, delicous food of the Algarve!




Tapas of the AlgarvePetiscos of the algarve, or in english, tapas of the Algarve.




Sweets of the AlgarveDom Rodriques and Bolo de Alfarobeira, delicious desrts of the Algarve Portugal.





Local Algarvian Wines The Algarve has many wine yards, and very good wine. One of them called Barranco Longo.... Enjoy the wines of the Algarve Portugal!




Mariscos Algarve Mariscos (shell fish) of the Algarve Portugal

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