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Outdoor adventure Algarve

For those who want to experience the outdoor Portugal the Algarve has a lot to offer. Discover the Algarve with our exciting nature activities on the water & land. Bring your colleagues, friends or family! The Algarve has lots of beautiful places to discover. Experience outdoor Portugal by mountain bike, in a canoe, or by foot! Walking Algarve is one of the best ways to see the real Algarve!

We organize outdoor Portugal Algarve trips for all ages and ‘fitness’ levels. You can book individual trips, special packages and multi activity tours! We can organize a walking Algarve trip in your area, just for you, with a private guide. Or you can hire a bicycle for a day or more to explore the Algarve on your own! Everything is possible in outdoor Portugal. Tell us your wishes and we will make your 'outdoor Portugal' day!


Cycling Algarve is a nice way to explore the Algarve Portugal. There are options for all levels and ages. You can cycle along the coast, into the countryside or downhill from Monchique Algarve.

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Walking in the Algarve, has various options, like guided walks in the Algarve, but you can explore yourself. The beuatiful nature in the the Algarve, is overwhelming, with nice flowers, every month there is something else blooming, all year through.

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Nordic walking

Nordic waking in the Algarve, became very popular the last few years. Nordic walking is a sort of fitness walking with specially designed poles. Easy to learn and suitable for any age.

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Canoe and kayaking

Kayaking in the Algarve on a river or in the ocean is a great experience. Watch the Algarve from a different view! Nice to cool you down in the hot summer months in the Algarve.

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The Algarve offers a lot of possiblities for outdoor sports. There are several options:
Outdoor Portugal by foot: walking and nordic walking Algarve
Outdoor Portugal by bike: cycling and mountainbiking  
Outdoor Portugal by boat: canoeing and kayaking 

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My outdoor adventure

I was invited by Outdoor Tours to join for the down hill mountain bike trip. What a fantastic experience! With a little group of 6, we went all the way up by van, to the highest point of the Algarve, the Foia. The trip up was beautiful, fantastic views, very pretty nature. At the top there was Thomas, the guide waiting for us with the well maintained mountains bikes. After a short instruction we started the trip. The first two hours you only have to break once in a while, as we were going down hill! A little stop now and then, where Thomas giving some useful and interesting information about the environment. We stopped in a little village for a nice lunch, and continued down and passed some nice traditional Portuguese villages and the environment was all the way till the end stunning. It was a very enjoyable day out, which I highly recommend!

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