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Algarve Housing is a villa rental company, but who is Algarve Housing? 

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Matthijs and Michele!

Matthijs joined Algarve Housing in September 2020. 

Matthijs is young, full of energy, and has new ideas how to ‘attack’ the villa rental market in an original way. We have been succesfully working together for over a year and Matthijs has been working in the villa rental and management business for a few years.

He has already been working in the villa property market a few years now, and we have been working together for the last year, while he was setting up his own company BOAZ rentals.

I am very happy he joined Algarve Housing!

And Michele, I manage this company since 2003! I live in the Algarve since 2002 on permanent base, and visit the Algarve since 1988! As I lived in various places spread over the Algarve, and have been travelling a lot from West to East Algarve, I can say I know the Algarve pretty well after 30 years! Every enquiry is a challenge, to find the right property at the right place for you!

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With my experience, and knowledge and connections I have, I think I have a lot to offer. It is not only about renting a villa. Apart from the right villa, it is nice to inform my clients about the various regions of the Algarve, which restaurants to go to, or other things you can do in the Algarve. Every client is unique as well as every villa is unique. I like to give the personal touch, which makes my work interesting! It is not only about renting a villa! It is a holiday to the Algarve.

August 2018 I was interviewed, below you find a great part of this interview:

I first started visiting the Algarve in 1988 after my parents decided to live in the Algarve, Portugal. In 2002, I finally decided to leave my homeland of Holland in favour of the sunny Algarve coast. The following year I set up my property rental business (Algarve Housing).

“What I like about the Algarve is that it’s a different world here, a more relaxed, outdoors lifestyle, with mild climate and beautiful natural surroundings. It’s also not too far away from my family and friends in Holland, the country where I was born” – Michele Wolters, Owner of Algarve Housing

Languages I speak and the Portuguese language

My first language is Dutch and I also speak English and Portuguese.

Portuguese can be a difficult language to learn to speak along with the grammar and pronunciation. With the growth of tourism in the last twenty years, more and more Portuguese people speak English but not so much with the older generation. Along the coast, in the tourist bars and restaurants, most are speaking English but if you go more inland you will find that it is harder without an understanding of the Portuguese language.

If you are planning to live in the Algarve, make sure you spend a winter here as houses are not well-insulated and usually do not have central heating. And then we have the very hot summers, so you need to find out if this is for you before making a big commitment. The cost of living can be expensive here in the Algarve, you might not expect this if you are only visiting on vacations.

My favo beach?

My work keeps me very busy, so when I am not working, I like to relax and read a book and walk my dog. I prefer the less crowded beaches like the ones on the West Coast such as Carrapateira and Bordeira, I love the beaches of Monte Clerigo and Aljezur and also the Islands in the East such as Armona, Culatra and Farol. My favorite town is Olhao in the East Algarve, as it is so authentic and full of character.

My favorite Portuguese food?

I am a flexitarian, I rarely eat meat, my favourite Portuguese dishes are Cataplana (a fishy stew made in a typical Portuguese copper pan) and Ameijoas (clams with lots of garlic and coriander). Although I do not eat a lot of meat, I love the chicken piripiri!

My advice to my clients

I help clients to choose a property according to their individual needs, for example, families with young children usually require a different type of holiday than a group of young people who like to party until early morning. Some clients prefer a more romantic vacation style and location. The beauty of the Algarve is that we have it all here!!!

Why Algarve Housing?

The advantage of choosing a vacation with Algarve Housing rentals is that I provide personal contact, plus the properties I rent are all handpicked. I never rent a property without visiting myself. Due to my experience of living and travelling in the Algarve (and Portugal) I know almost every square meter of the Algarve, so I can give the best advice to my clients about the Algarve.

Contact me for holiday rental advice and look around on my website and Facebook page for further information about Algarve holiday options.


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